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Capital Campaign Consulting Services


You've got big dreams. We can help you realize them.

Successful capital campaigns are transformational.  Having the right partners to help you with the planning and management of your campaign will make the experience not only successful, but joyful.  

The Sage team has the breadth and depth of experience to help you through the journey.  We customize our capital campaign services to fit each client's unique circumstances.  Our approach is collaborative and inspired. 

Our capital campaign services include feasibility studies (sometimes called planning studies), campaign planning, executive and board coaching, campaign management, and development of capital campaign collateral. 

Whether you need us with you every step of the way, or for only part of the journey, we are here to help.  

Campaign Feasibility Studies

A campaign feasibility study, when done well, can answer key questions and provide strategic direction to your organization. Discovering how much you can raise is only the beginning.  What do your stakeholders think of your leadership? Do your campaign priorities resonate with your audience? Which competitors are launching a campaign soon? Who emerged as a promising campaign chair?  How many major donor prospects were identified during the study? Who will make a lead gift to the campaign? Do you have the right staff and systems in place to support the rigors of a campaign? Sage will help you address all of these questions and more.

Campaign Planning & Management

Capital Campaigns require significant planning, the ability to stay focused on your goals for an extended period of time, and the flexibility to adapt when necessary to changing circumstances – all while continuing with your regular responsibilities.  Sage has the depth and breadth of experience to help you develop a winning campaign strategy, a detailed plan with benchmarks, and compelling campaign collateral to help your campaign reach its goals.  As trusted campaign advisors, we become an extension of your team, providing invaluable guidance and support as you manage your campaign committee, develop strategies for cultivating and soliciting donors, and execute campaign communications and events plans.  

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