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What can a Fundraising Consultant do for your Nonprofit?

Most nonprofits rely on philanthropy to meet their mission but it can be really challenging to consistently grow philanthropy. Setting and reaching ambitious goals takes lots of time, energy, knowledge and resources that many organizations lack. In order to make big strides, hiring a fundraising consultant can be the key to unlocking your organization’s potential.

A fundraising consultant should be an experienced development professional who can help your nonprofit achieve your goals. The types of services a fundraising consultant offers may include:

  • Campaign planning and management to drive and guide your success

  • Campaign feasibility studies to test campaign goals and messaging

  • Development assessments to identify opportunities for growth

  • Strategic development plans to create a roadmap for growing philanthropy

  • Fundraising program development to diversify sources of funding and maximum impact

  • Executive and board coaching/training to strengthen skills and confidence

  • Strategic counsel and executive and board coaching

An effective fundraising consultant will become a valued member of your team and expand your organization’s bandwidth and knowledge of best practices; they will help you focus on the highest impact activities to achieve the best results possible; and they will help you set smart goals and support you along the way to meeting them. In a nutshell, a good fundraising consultant will be your trusted partner.

In part two of our blog series on fundraising consultants, we’ll discuss how to choose the best fundraising consultant for your organization.

For more information on Sage Advancement Group’s fundraising consulting services, and a free, no obligation consultation, contact us today!


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